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A Warm Home for Every Soldier provides comprehensive solutions for released soldiers. In particular, we focus on urgent matters that are not addressed or treated by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). We are a pillar of support for thousands of soldiers and family members, lending our ears to their concerns and extending instrumental aid. Our solutions enable soldiers to commit to consecutive full-time military service and enhance their well-being and performance.

 We are also well known in Israel for our lobbying efforts on behalf of soldiers. The organization advocates for increasing soldiers’ wages and salaries, which have remained stagnant for over a decade, improving the overall support for lone soldiers, providing scholarship aid and promoting legislation for soldiers’ benefits.

 The organization works in close cooperation with the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, and the Knesset’s relevant Committees to improve the financial and emotional well-being of lone soldiers. Concurrently, we maintain close contact with the soldiers’ direct commanders and their social services NCOs, and also initiate collaborations with other nonprofits to leverage our support resources.

 The organization remains the only one in the country to offer comprehensive and complementary services to all soldiers, during and after their service, in all spheres of life. The guiding principle of our activities is the belief that our soldiers are the foundation of the IDF and maintaining their resilience is crucial to its success. Therefore, our entire array of operations aims to reinforce the soldiers’ wellbeing, diminish any disturbing elements, and facilitate the reintegration of released soldiers in the community as productive members.


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